Grand Tableau Lenormand Oracle Cards

Lo Scarabeo

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Featuring Reproductions of the Original Lenormand Cards By:
Marie Lenormand
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A faithful reproduction from the Lo Scarabeo collection, this original Lenormand is perfect to be used with the Grand Tableau spread. Featuring reproductions of the original Lenormand cards by Marie Lenormand, this lovely little deck helps you improve all of your readings—especially the grand tableau.

The Grand Tableau is a spread that involves all 36 cards of the deck at the same time, and it’s the endgame technique of any Lenormand reader, due to its nature that allows clear answer to many questions within a single reading.

Uniting an attractive vintage look with decadent illustrations, Grand Tableau Lenormand lets you look at the past, present, and future—leaving no stones unturned. This petite deck makes the often-intimidating grand tableau reading more approachable, and it will be a faithful companion for your practice.

Published: August, 2021

36 cards, 54 x 88 mm, with Instructions, in a hard cardboard box. 

Instructions. Multilingual edition.