Lua Lenormand

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Maree Bento
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Maree Bento's intention for the Lua Lenormand was to stay close to the traditional images with directional significance for use with the petit Lenormand method. She also sorted through many portraits to find sixteen diverse significator card options. 

In addition to the variety of significator cards, there are two Child card options, and a non-traditional card called The Eye (numbered 0), which adds a mystic twist to the traditional Lenormand method. The Eye was also used in Maree's Antiquarian Lenormand deck.

During the creation process of the Lua Tarot, Maree would find stunning 19th century images that she thought could work for a matching Lenormand deck one day. As the Lua Tarot was preparing to go into production, Maree felt compelled to create this companion deck to work with the tarot. 


  • 53 cards, including a title card 
  • 36 traditional Lenormand cards 
  • 14 additional significator cards
  • An additional Child card
  • Extra non-traditional card: 0. The Eye
  • Poker size 2.5" x 3.5" (63.5mm x 89mm)
  • 300gsm smooth playing card stock  
  • Comes in a labeled silver tin box
  • LWB available in 9-page PDF format by request post delivery

This is a Poker sized Deck presented in a labeled silver tin box. Comes with 9-page PDF download.

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