Rose Cottage Garden Teaparty Oracle

Mystic Starlux

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Kelly Isara
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Kelly Isara's inspiration for this deck was from days gone by, a Garden Teaparty would be held on sprawling grounds and by a big house or mansion.

Nature and woodlands nearby, seeing local wildlife in the neighbouring land. While taking a walk in the meadow.

Tea with ladies over the latest gossip.

Maybe a quiet chat with a fortune teller attending that day.  

A picnic on the lawn or meeting a handsome stranger, such as a Mr Darcy type!

An evening Stroll in the summer night.

Experiencing the delicate and traditional courtship. Noticing subtle signs of romance. 

All these wondrous elements of a garden tea party.

Cards such as : 

  • Evening Stroll
  • Poetry & Love Letters
  • Blushing Affection 
  • Lamplight & Lace
  • Soothe the soul
  • Garden Wedding
  • True Love 
  • Dance of Love 
  • Moving Together 

55 Oracle cards about the wonderful moments at a garden teaparty.

This is love themed, but of course all messages can be adapted, in various ways. 

From the Author: "I love this deck, the energy feels very sweet It captures the essence of love and innocence." Kelly Isara

Boxed 55 cards & booklet 

Booklet measures approximately - 6x4 inches, soft cover, estimate 50 pp.

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