Unlocking the Secret Garden Oracle

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Angi Sullins
Artwork by:
Jena DellaGrottaglia
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There is a secret garden inside you, fortified by stone walls old enough to remember the moon’s first name.

In this magic garden, every plant, flower, insect and animal is a portal, a passageway to secret knowledge and illuminated wisdom. You already have the keys to open each portal.

This deck and guidebook are intended to accompany your own intuition as you navigate your way through the garden. Question-keys and answer-locks, when fitted together, open ancient passageways and doorways of opportunity, where you will discover wisdom treasure. Visit the garden to unlock the secrets still tucked away in your own potential.

Published - November 2023

Set includes - 44 gold gilt-edged cards, 108-page lushly illustrated guidebook and organza drawstring pouch.

Packaged in a foil accented, magnetic hinged box.