The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot - 2nd Edition, Tarot Bag & Companion Book

Baba Studio

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The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot has original artwork based on 19th century drawings by French artist, J. J. Grandville. Know as the "Father of Surrealism", Grandville was a huge influence on artists such as Tenniel, the first illustrator of Alice in Wonderland (and also a huge influence on Baba Studio). His pictures are cynical, funny, bitter and sweet - and make for a deck that manages to be both timeless and true.

  • 78 fully-illustrated scenic cards based on Rider Waite Smith (RWS) tarot pattern.
  • Cards measure - 128 x 78 mm
  • Challenging, witty images that invite you to use your imagination and intuition.
  • The images are taken from Les Metamorphoses du Jour book which is an original from 1847, with hand-coloured imagery.  This helps to give the images their fantastic, detailed quality.
  • Painstakingly cold stamped.  Baba Studio used subtle cold-stamping throughout the whole image - this makes the cards "flash" with metallic colours when the light hits them.
  • Printed in Europe on high-quality German-made 330 gram playing card stock with a carbon inner layer to protect against bending and creasing.
  • Lightly varnished for durability without a plastic feeling - the finish is fairly matte.
  • Sturdy hinged box for long-term storage.  This is also cold-stamped.
  • Booklet with meanings and guide for use.

Also included with this deck is - The Fantastic Menagerie, The Moon Tarot bag & Tarot Companion Book - New Edition.

The Fantastic Menagerie, Limited Edition, The Moon Tarot bag - A wonderfully evocative print showing The Moon from the Fantastic Menagerie Tarot.  This bag features a beautifully printed satin front combined witha high quality rich purple silk velvet.

This is a Limited edition bag, hand sewn by BabaStudio's seamstress in Czech Republic.  

  • Beautifully made in a high quality rich purple silk velvet (silk/rayon mix). It's very soft and lush to the touch - and has a wonderful gleam when the light hits it.
  • Finished with Czech cord in silver and Czech glass bead finials (Baba has these gorgeous, chunky beads made specially for them). Please note the beads on these bags are - clear, light blue, & dark blue.
  • Fully lined in a toning silk-mix fabric for a little extra touch of luxury.
  • Light padding for a little extra protection
  • Side "BabaBarock limited edition" tag in gold and red for a touch of added cachet.
  • Printed individually - by BabaStudio.  This bag is very vivid and luscious in colour and fully dry-cleanable.
  • This print is absolutely fast and won't fade, run or otherwise deteriorate in normal use, so you will be able to enjoy it for years.
  • At approx 5.5 inches by 8.25 inches (14cm x 21cm) these are a really useful size - and if you want to store tarot in them they are large enough to use for even the most oversized cards.
  • The bag can be used for your tarot, oracle or playing cards, as a jewellery holder, a cosmetics and "odd and ends" bag, or simply hung up for display.  It also makes a stunning present when filled with your choice of small gifts.    

The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot Companion Book - New Edition - This is a comprehensive guide to the deck, including keywords and full card meanings. Re-written by Karen Mahoney, and retaining the original stories by Sophie Nussle, the book also explains the background to Granville's work.

  • Good quality paperback (printed in Ireland) with coloured card images.
  • Re-written by one of the creators of the deck, Karen Mahony. 
  • New sections for each card discussing how the image was chosen and constructed.
  • Sections about the history of tarot, and about Grandville's life, as well as the original stories for each card written by Sophie Nussle. 
  • Includes keywords and descriptions for each card.
  • With general introduction and a discussion about significant aspects of the deck.
  • Includes sections on reading approaches and samples spreads including special "Fantastic Menagerie" spreads.
  • Extensive and highly illustrated full companion book.

Fantastic Menagerie Tarot - 78 fully-illustrated cards - standard deck, second edition with cold stamping with The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot Companion book, new edition.