The Inner Child Deck


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Arianne Grisley
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The Inner Child deck is inspired by the younger version of us.  Author, Arianne Grisley, believes that we all have one.  They are the expressive, joyful, most authentic part of ourselves.  When we were young we all had passions and dreams that may have become lost in a world full of fear & limiting belief.

Find your own magic again

Be with comfort & reignite that spark with your own inner child so that you can truly heal.  Ultimate peace is accepting every part of yourself: past, present  future.  This playful deck will assist you to connect with your past self - your Inner Child.

Self Published - 2024

2 peice sturdy box set

Included - 74 tarot cards, 12 x 7, & 39 pp. colour instructional booklet

Set measures - 13 x 8 x 5 cm

Check the authors instragram by clicking this link