The Pai of Panda - I Ching Deck

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Z Mann Zilla
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Z. Mann Zilla presents a new take on the ancient divination art of I Ching, with 32 cards that reveal thousands of possible paths.

This deck can be used for traditional I Ching readings, however it is uniquely designed for a reading method we call Pai (牌), a Chinese word meaning “card” or “brand”. This style of reading combines the traditional meanings of I Ching hexagrams with the “open reading” methods of modern cartomancy.

To read the cards, simply combine two trigram cards to create a hexagram. Then look up the meaning of the hexagram in our guidebook.

This set includes 32 trigram cards and a 100-page guidebook.

  • Standard tarot card size of 2.75″ x 4.75″

  • Printed on premium 310gsm card stock

  • Long lasting, linen finish for ease of shuffling and spreading

  • Sturdy, elegant tuck box with the card back design printed around the outside

Boxed set measures - 12.5 x 7.1 x 1.5 cm

About The Pai of Panda I Ching Deck

First written during the 9th Century BC, The I Ching (Book Of Changes) has been consulted by wisdom-seekers for over 3000 years. Its reputation for contemplation, motivation, and open-ended interpretation is well-established.

It is, therefore, our pleasure to introduce this sleek, modern take on an ancient and powerful divination tool!

The goal of our new deck is to introduce you to The Pai Method (or “The Pai Of Panda”). It is so named because “pai” means both “card” and “brand” in Chinese, and Zilla uses pandas frequently in their cartomancy branding. Zilla created The Pai Method to combine ancient Eastern divination symbols with contemporary European card-reading methods. You can enjoy these cards in both traditional and modern I Ching practices.

If your interest in divination started with cartomancy techniques (e.g. Tarot, Lenormand, or oracle decks), then this deck is for you. We’ve designed this 32-card deck to be a simplified, accessible starting point towards I Ching literacy.

The I Ching is a divination method which strives to provide actionable advice. In many forms of traditional fortune-telling, a client may be told how future events will unfold, yet with this telling comes a rather stagnant implication - “sit still and wait for your fortune to come true”. The I Ching does not endeavor to tell fortunes, but to advise actions. A crystal ball or a tarot card might foresee a gift; the I Ching would advise a course of action to attract such a gift.

This guidebook that is included with the deck condenses 3000 years of wisdom to the essentials - the refined English meaning of each hexagram, how to conduct a cartomancy-inspired reading with two hexagrams, and most importantly, how to embrace the “action-first” philosophy of I Ching. Each of the 64 hexagrams contains a deep series of philosophies, meditations, and interpretations, all of which are based on the observation of natural phenomenon.

While we respect these complex and comprehensive traditions, our goals with this deck and guide are portability, accessibility, and efficiency. You’ll find that we’ve summarized the essence of these hexagrams and provided a list of keywords, similar to the ones you’re accustomed to seeing in a tarot guide. Everything you need to start your I Ching divination journey is in the box!