The Witching Hour Oracle

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Cherie Gerhardt
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Gold Winner 2023 COVR Visionary Awards - Manifestation Products

The Witching Hour is the time when the infinite energy of the universe is strongest and most accessible. The Witching Hour Oracle helps you tap into this magickal power that exists within all of us when we use our intentions to positively impact the world. Channel the wisdom of the Triple Goddess and the power of the lunar cycles to manifest potent outcomes.

From a young age, Cherie Gerhardt has crafted, sketched, painted, and sculpted her imaginings into existence. Her professional career began with the sacred art of tattooing, then morphed into graphic design and digital painting. In 2003, she established her business, Mystic Moon Media LLC, and started painting on a broader scale. Her art has been sold all over the globe. 

Published - June 2022

Includes - 39 cards & 64-page guidebook.

Boxed deck measures approximately - 8.57 x 2.54 x 13.65 cm