Witching Hour Oracle


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Lorriane Anderson
Illustrated by:
Olivia Burki
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Awaken your inner magic

Welcome to a journey through the awakening of a witch to her inner power. Each card in this oracle represents an evolutionary step a budding witch might encounter as she begins to walk the path of a mystic.

Best-selling Author, Lorriane Anderson, created this deck out of her own spiritual awakening, a period of time when she doubted her spiritual path and questioned her beliefs. The energies channeled through this deck helped her to rediscover her true self and now she offers it to you as a tool to support you through your trials and triumphs.

Published - October 2023

44 cards & guidebook

Boxed deck measures approximately - 10.3 x 2.8 x 14 cm

Watch the box opening on YouTube by clicking this link