Ghost Hunters' Tool Kit

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Dinah Roseberry
Photography by:
Stuart Schneider

Use this Paranormal Tool Kit to spark intuitive abilities and link them to scientific research. It offers assistance with client interaction, member recruitment, and paranormal research by using four distinct card decks designed specifically for ghost investigations and paranormal studies.

See how intuition and brainstorming techniques can be used by your team to answer questions that can help solve cases.

Get more information from your clients, find the right members for your group, and make EVP or ITC sessions more successful as you conduct your investigations.

Included are dosing rods to further enhance divination skills and a ghostly version of the Major Arcana Tarot.

If you're new to the paranormal field, try your hand at starting your own team with this easy-to-follow- kit!

Boxed Kit measures: 29.8 x 5.1 x 15.2 cm

4 paranormal card decks, a user friendly training guide & dowsing rods.