Mother Nurture Her

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By Australian Psychologist:
Simonette Vaja
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Learn how to use guided meditation to access the creative power of your imagination. Yes, you can meditate and connect to living moments even with all the noise and demands of baby. You can especially use the meditations to help you to get to sleep at any time, to gain deep rest and rejuvenation and with regular practice to support your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Breast feeding, changing nappies, lack of sleep, strain on communication with loved ones the depends of being a new parent can take their toll on every aspect of your self esteem and life in general and this is also a time of great joy and celebration a truly amazing initiation process. Essential sleep provides you with a quick and easy method for getting back to sleep when you need to, anytime day or night. This is an important skill to develop as it will help you manage the effects of sleep deprivation.

When you listen to Mother Nurture Her you will be guided to relax deeply, to let go of any frustrations, and to connect with your loving heart and return energised and attentive to the needs of baby.

Tracks include - 

1/ Introduction - Taking Care of You  2:29

2/ Release of Tension and Return to Loving Nurturer 6:57

3/ Essential Sleep Techniques to Help You Sleep at Anytime Day or Night 18:45

4/ An Easy and Effective Meditation Practice 13:44

1 CD included - Total time: 49mins. 20secs.