Meditation For Children 8 Years and Over

Elemental Music

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Patrice Thomas & Simon Blow

This CD has been designed for use by children or by parents, teachers and other professionals who work with children to introduce the process of mindful meditation and relaxation and to help children incorporate the practice of meditation into their daily lives. It is suitable for children aged from 8 years through to early teens but we have found that people of all ages enjoy these meditation journeys. it can be used at home, at school or in other settings for children.

Meditation enables children to alleviate stress and anxiety by resting, calming and rejuvenating their bodies, minds and spirits. Why is stress a problem in children's Lives? Harried parents and teachers produce harried and anxious/stressed children. There are social concerns about the growing numbers of chronically unhappy, hyperactive, depressed, lethargic and unmotivated children, now being seen by clinicians and taking medication for attention deficit and anxiety. In today's fast-paced society there are few opportunities for quiet, reflective time for teenagers where they can simply ""be"". Pushing children too hard, too fast and expecting them to achieve too much can cause them to burn-out.

We are often so keen for children to live up to their potential that we expect them to be busy and occupied nearly every waking moment. As a result children are often left feeling lonely, inadequate, helpless and despondent - with no way to communicate this desperation to others. Making time to simply "be", where children can slow down, let go of their anxieties and worries for a while, rejuvenate and replenish physically, emotionally and spiritually is one of the most important life lessons they can learn. Success at school and in other activities in important and worthwhile, but not at the expense of a child's wellbeing and happiness.

Published - September 2014

1 x CD - 6 tracks

- Approximately 53.49 mins running time