The Tarot Discovery Kit

The Enchanted World

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Amy Zerner & Monte Farber
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Unwrap the box, venture within, and find the answers you seek. The Tarot Discovery Kit contains all the knowledge you need to benefit from this ancient form of divination and it can open your heart and mind to all that is meaningful.

An elegantly illustrated 78-card deck, created especially by famed author/artist team  Amy Zerner & Monte Farber, comes in a satin pouch and they’ll point to the signposts and mirrors on your life’s journey. The 60-page, full-color guidebook defines each card’s meaning, and walks beginners through techniques for meditation and readings.

For a little enchantment, slip the interactive Tarot Discovery DVD into the player to see captivating animated presentations of all the cards, created from artist Amy Zerner’s intricate fabric collages; listen to soothing original music; and enjoy more than two hours of inspiring guided meditation.

It makes a great gift, for others and yourself.

The Tarot Discovery Kit contains:

* animated presentations of the 78 tarot cards
* original music
* 140 minutes of guided meditation to enchant you
* The Tarot Discovery Movie Theater with five complete tarot vignettes