The Mythic Tarot Deck & Book Set

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Juliet Sharman-Burke & Liz Greene
Cards Illustrated by:
Tricia Newell
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Look what the Fairies Found!

& its Still Sealed in Plastic 

The Worldwide Bestselling Tarot Deck

Drawing on characters and stories from Greek mythology, The Mythic Tarot offers an imaginative and accessible approach to classic Tarot. Each suit depicts archetypal characters -- such as the heroic Odysseus, the Earth Mother Demeter, and Athena, the goddess of justice -- and every card tells a well-known mythical story. Rich with psychological insight, these mythical legends provide the wisdom and the insight we seek for personal growth.

Appealing for both beginning and experienced Tarot readers, "The Mythic Tarot" will stimulate your curiosity and offer you an endless source of fresh insight and intuitive guidance.

In this beautifully designed sealed kit you'll find:

  • An elegant, colorfully illustrated deck of 78 cards
  • A 215 pp reading guide, complete with information on how Tarot works, the meaning of each card, and how to conduct reading
  • A black silk cloth for use in readings, outlined with the classic Celtic cross spread.