The Golden Tarot - The Visconti-Sforza Deck

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Mary Packard

The Visconti-Sforza Tarot deck is one of the oldest and most complete Tarot decks in existence, dating back to the mid-fifteenth century. Commissioned by Filippo Maria Visconti, Duke of Milan and by his successor Francesco Sforza, many of the cards portray members of the Sforza and Visconti families in period garments. Originally designed to be used to play the then popular card game of Trionfi, over the next three centuries, the cards becam tools of divination, which is how they are most commonly associated today.

Included in this kit are:

*78 authentically re-created Tarot cards

*176 page book describing the history behind the cards and instructions to use the cards to gain insights into one's life.

*Plain satin Tarot cloth

*Elegant storage box

*Velvet pouch to protect and safely store Tarot cards