Treasures from Tikashi Cards

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Eschani Taylor
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Tikashi, an Ascended Master, channelled by Eschani Taylor since 1991, now offers these pearls of wisdom and gems of delight in the form of Treasure Cards for guidance and inspiration on your chosen journey.

Start each day with your own personal reading. Choose a card at random while you ask for guidance or inspiration. If further explanation is required to expand your understanding of how the card you chose relates to your question, simply ask for clarification and choose another random card. You may choose to use the cards for divination, for yourself or for others, and the enclosed pamphlet gives clear instructions on how to begin and read the cards.

The author recommends that you use what is in the booklet as a guide, for you may find another process/system or spread that works for you. These cards can also be used as a basis for meditation or as a tool for spiritual development.

Click the link to Visit Byahmee House YouTube site for video instructions on the various mini readings.


Set of 75 Inspirational Cards for guidance, in beautiful presentation box.

Comes with instructional leaflet with original card spreads and guidance. These cards measure 7 cm x 5 cm.