Isis Mysteries CD Meditations From the Egyptian Gods Isis & Thoth


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Elisabeth Jensen
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These meditations were channeled to Elisabeth Jensen by the Ancient by the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis, and Thoth, the healing God who is also the keeper of your Akashic Records. These are also known as ‘soul records’ from all incarnations on this earth plane and between lives.

Contains three complimenting meditations;

Meditation One: Soul Journey to a past life that is affecting you now

Meditation Two: Akashic Records for clearing and reprogramming

Meditation Three: Soul Healing journey to the mystical Halls of Amenti
The Divine Blue Healing Energy of the Goddess Isis is encoded into this powerful CD.

These meditations were recorded in one sitting and have minimal editing to enhance the flow of energy from Elisabeth to the CD and ultimately to you.

1 x CD