Dark Goddess Tarot

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Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

Dark…as in deep.

Dark…as in kept in shadow.

Dark...as the body of the Queen of Heaven.

Rich in myth and magic, the Dark Goddess Tarot brings the reader messages from 78 powerful, divine female figures encompassing many cultures around the globe. They can sometimes be shunned or overlooked, since they represent aspects of life that people find uncomfortable–especially when those powers are in female hands. Powers of age and death, sex and sovereignty, ferocity and judgment.

The Dark Goddess Tarot invokes these beings so that their wisdom may guide us through the darkness they traverse. The goddesses appear in the Tarot where their stories, likes, and energies and the cards’ meanings intersect. Visionary in scope, yet grounded in scholarship, the Dark Goddess Tarot is made for dark times, encouraging the reader to embrace authenticity, strength, and deep inner wisdom.

About the Author - For Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, working with the Tarot is an integral part of her spiritual path. From the 1985 women’s retreat where she was given her first deck to the cards she draws today, Tarot is her companion on her path to the Goddess, and her primary tool in her practice of divination, of art of having a conversation with the divine.

78 art cards with 176 pp. guidebook

Boxed Kit measures approximately - 15.24 x 5.08 x 22.86 cm

Published - 2020